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JUNE: CPR & AED Awareness Week (June 1-7) 10% OFF Trainings!

June 1-7 each year is National CPR and AED Awareness Week,

spotlighting how lives can be saved if more Americans know CPR and how to use an AED. Did you know about 70 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happen in homes? If you are called on to give CPR in an emergency, you will most likely be trying to save the life of someone you love. Be the difference for your parent, spouse, or child. What if it were them?

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MAY: Teachers & Nurses Appreciation Week Discounts & Deals from Stores and Restaurants!

Appreciation Week May 6 - 10, 2024

Teacher Appreciation Day is described by the NEA, which spearheads the weeklong event, as “a day for honoring teachers and recognizing the lasting contributions they make to our lives.”

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Nurses Appreciation Week May 6 - 12, 2024

Nurses should be celebrated every day, but they do have a special week.

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APRIL: AED Package Promo $200 OFF !! Valid 4/02/24 - 5/01/24

April Savings on AED/defibrillator Packages

Multiple brands & models -- Valid 4/02/24 - 5/01/24

Includes: device (8-yr warranty), adult pads, battery, carrying case (if offered), alarmed cabinet, sign, prep kit, tag, and manual.


April 3, 2024: National Walking Day. Steps to a Healthier Life!

Plus, AED Package PROMO $200 Off !

Take steps towards a longer, healthier life on National Walking Day. The American Heart Association invites people to move more and stress less as organization celebrates 100 years of lifesaving work.

Physical activity such as walking can help reduce stress, improve mood and sleep, and lower the risk of diseases according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services physical activity guidelines.


November 2023: Holiday Promo for Training Classes

Life Rescue Training THANKS ALL our amazing customers for their continued support through the years! We hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season. Please share About Us to friends, family, and co-workers, reminding them to also Be Rescue Ready to help save-a-life! We offer CPR classes and Rescue Products.

Training Discounts valid 11/22 - 12/31: Limited # of codes, so act now!

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July 2023: Let's Celebrate Freedom with SAFETY In Mind!

As we celebrate July 4th Independence Day, let's PRIORITIZE SAFETY by remembering the importance of Stop the Bleed and having First Aid kits readily available. While enjoying fireworks and festivities, accidents can happen. Be prepared to take immediate action by learning Stop the Bleed techniques, which can save lives in emergency situations.

Life Rescue Training is your reliable partner in safety.

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Bleeding Control, First Aid and Burn Kits

February 2023: National WEAR RED Day & American Heart Month

The Nation Goes RED for Women in February!  National WEAR RED Day® is Friday, February 3, 2023 and American Heart Month. Wear Red to raise awareness about Cardiovascular Disease and help save lives. We’re asking women to keep the rhythm going and Be the Beat. For American Heart Month, let's rally everyone in February to: Save A Life -- Learn CPR and the Use an AED.


January 2023: New Year's Resolutions - Be Prepared

Happy New Year to all our Raving Fans & Forever Clients! Your continued support and trust in us is greatly appreciated and is the key ingredient to our success. Becoming Rescue Ready is essential to helping save lives.


November 2022: Black Friday Deals & Giving Thanks!

November offers amazing BLACK FRIDAY Deals. We Give Thanks to our Forever new and current clients!

* AED Deals: $200 Off Bundle Packages until 11/28/22

* Upcoming Training Deals: 10% off select in-house classes

* LifeVac Choking Emergency Kit options

October 2022: TRAINING Options for All Ages

Upcoming TRAINING Options ** Check out a variety of classes - kids & adults!

Life Rescue Training offers:

> Safe Sitter Training for Kids

> Spanish and English CPR Training for Adults

> AVERT Active Shooter Training for all locations

> AED/Defibrillator Options and Packages to Help Save A Life

August 2022: National Back to School Month

National Back to School Month 🍎 gears up parents, teachers, schools, and students for a season of education. We all develop new lesson plans to prepare for new and exciting safety skills.

Life Rescue Training offers a variety of class types. Inquire today!

June 1-7, 2022: CPR & AED Awareness

CPR and AED Awareness week spotlights how lives can be saved if more people receive training. The guidance of CPR/AED training and learning how to use and invest in an AED (automated external defibrillator) is essential to every individual, home, and business. Don’t delay and be prepared!

April 28, 2022: World Day for Safety & Health at Work

World Day for Health and Safety at Work takes place on April 28. The purpose of the awareness day is to promote decent, safe and healthy work in the workplace environment. We explore the positive safety expectation and health culture.

March 2022: Women's History Month

Women's History Month is a celebration of women's contributions to history, culture, and society, and has been observed annually in March in the United States since 1987. 💜

February Heart Month 2022 – Know the Risks to Stay Healthy

February is American Heart Month, a time when all people can focus on their cardiovascular health. The Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention is shining a light on hypertension (high blood pressure), a leading risk factor for heart disease and stroke. 

Let us share some key risks and tools to stay heart healthy!

2022 New Year’s Resolutions – Emergency Response Plan

It’s a fact of life that emergency situations arise when you least expect them. You can’t always predict home or workplace emergencies, such as a bad injury or fall, sudden cardiac arrest or heart attack, natural disasters, and security threats. It’s best to prepare for them now with the aid of an emergency response plan, checklists, training practices, supply kits, and other essential resources in helping save a life.

Nurses and Caregivers are our Heroes

Celebrated every November is National Family Caregivers Month (NFCM) and Nurse Practitioner’s Week (11/7-11/13). It is a time to recognize and honor caregivers and nurses across the country, as they are our everyday heroes being there to make a difference in saving a life! It offers an opportunity to raise awareness of the powerful role they play in ensuring general health and well-being. This being said, new and recertification classes and having a life-saving AED/defibrillator device in a home, daycare, elder care facility, or clinic supports the relief should an emergency arise.

4 Ways to Save a Life during National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month

October is National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month. It’s always good to stay informed on life-saving techniques, and this month is no exception. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a life-threatening emergency that occurs when the heart suddenly stops beating. It is a national public health crisis that strikes nearly 1,000 people outside of hospitals every day, including over 7,000 youth under age 18 and on average 70% in homes. SCA can lead to death in minutes if the victim doesn’t get help right away. Even if a victim does receive help, chances of survival decrease by 10% for every minute delayed. That’s why it’s so important to know what to do in the unfortunate event of sudden cardiac arrest.

Continue reading to learn 4 ways you can help unexpected victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

First Aid Essential Oils Kit

As an organization certified with American Hearty Association (AHA), American Health and Safety Institute (ASHI), and American Red Cross (ARC), we provide CPR, AED, FIRST AID, BLS, ACLS, and PALS training and certifications. Our clients range from the general public, fitness trainers, daycare providers, to the many different levels of healthcare providers. 

Be Prepared

When the storm clouds come, are you ready to weather the storm? With the recent hurricane in the Bahamas and Florida, the fires and earthquakes in California and Alaska we wanted to give you some tips on how to prepare before disaster strikes.

Dark Chocolate... Your Heart's Best Friend

The science, chocolate comes from the bean of the cocoa tree. Cocoa contains an antioxidant called flavanol, the higher the flavanol content the more health benefits are contained in the not so secret treat loved by millions. Many cocoa producers process the beans with alkali (or some chemical that is lower on the pH scale) the amount of flavanol is lower in that cocoa.

5 reasons why your workplace should have an AED

It has been 2 years since I retired from the fire department and it was an amazing journey.  Since I have retired, I have not had many reasons to respond to a medical emergency.  This past June of 2019 was one that I won’t forget…

Just a Dispatcher

I spent 23 years in the Fire Department as a firefighter, EMT, Paramedic, and 911 call-taker, dispatcher, and supervisor. You would think that fighting a fire, providing care to a trauma patient, or administering CPR to an infant would be hard… and yes, without a doubt it was! However, nothing could have prepared me for working at the 911 Center.