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4 Ways to Save a Life during National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month

October is National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month. It’s always good to stay informed on life-saving techniques, and this month is no exception. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a life-threatening emergency that occurs when the heart suddenly stops beating. It is a national public health crisis that strikes nearly 1,000 people outside of hospitals every day, including over 7,000 youth under age 18 and on average 70% in homes. SCA can lead to death in minutes if the victim doesn’t get help right away. Even if a victim does receive help, chances of survival decrease by 10% for every minute delayed. That’s why it’s so important to know what to do in the unfortunate event of sudden cardiac arrest.

Continue reading to learn 4 ways you can help unexpected victims of sudden cardiac arrest.


First Aid Essential Oils Kit

As an organization certified with American Hearty Association (AHA), American Health and Safety Institute (ASHI), and American Red Cross (ARC), we provide CPR, AED, FIRST AID, BLS, ACLS, and PALS training and certifications. Our clients range from the general public, fitness trainers, daycare providers, to the many different levels of healthcare providers. 

Be Prepared

When the storm clouds come, are you ready to weather the storm? With the recent hurricane in the Bahamas and Florida, the fires and earthquakes in California and Alaska we wanted to give you some tips on how to prepare before disaster strikes.

Dark Chocolate... Your Heart's Best Friend

The science, chocolate comes from the bean of the cocoa tree. Cocoa contains an antioxidant called flavanol, the higher the flavanol content the more health benefits are contained in the not so secret treat loved by millions. Many cocoa producers process the beans with alkali (or some chemical that is lower on the pH scale) the amount of flavanol is lower in that cocoa.

5 reasons why your workplace should have an AED

It has been 2 years since I retired from the fire department and it was an amazing journey.  Since I have retired, I have not had many reasons to respond to a medical emergency.  This past June of 2019 was one that I won’t forget…

Just a Dispatcher

I spent 23 years in the Fire Department as a firefighter, EMT, Paramedic, and 911 call-taker, dispatcher, and supervisor. You would think that fighting a fire, providing care to a trauma patient, or administering CPR to an infant would be hard… and yes, without a doubt it was! However, nothing could have prepared me for working at the 911 Center.