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Nurses and Caregivers are our Heroes

Liza Mendelson

Celebrated every November is National Family Caregivers Month (NFCM) and Nurse Practitioner’s Week (11/7-11/13). It is a time to recognize and honor caregivers and nurses across the country, as they are our everyday heroes being there to make a difference in saving a life! It offers an opportunity to raise awareness of the powerful role they play in ensuring general health and well-being. This being said, new and recertification classes and having a life-saving AED/defibrillator device in a home, daycare, elder care facility, or clinic supports the relief should an emergency arise.

Life Rescue Training provides Basic Life Support (BLS) courses for healthcare providers, plus Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to help you identify the best brand and model option, pricing, and support for each unique fundamental role.

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You Can Now Do Blended Training Online!

Returning to the Workplace with Confidence & Knowledge in Your Pocket

Looking back, 2020 was rather a difficult time for all of us. Most have managed to return back to work surrounding themselves once again, more safely, around co-workers and the community. With that said, work and life knowledge or continuing education is key, and we wanted to remind you to include CPR/AED & First Aid training (along with BLS, ALS, and PALS) which is highly recommended for every individual on How To Save A Life in an emergency.

Life Rescue Training valuables your time between work, family, play, and relaxation. Our Blended online/virtual and in-house skills session is now available to fit your own pace, schedule, and budget. A blended environment allows students to demonstrate their skills in front of an instructor and lead to a higher level of learning, receiving a certification. Are you in need of a new or recertification which is every 2-years? Let us guide you and your employers to return to the workplace with confidence.

What is the difference between blended classes and online classes?

Online classes are completed entirely online, where students are never required to demonstrate their skills in person and in front of an instructor. This type, of course, does not allow students to get the certification that is necessary for certain workplaces or environments. In contrast, a Blended Class give students the opportunity to study and complete an online course, making learning much easier, and then scheduling to come in and complete a skills session with an instructor.

The Benefits of Blended Training:

  • Skills session with an instructor, following your online course, offers valuable in-house training and guidance.
  • Access to materials 24/7 online or with a purchased book for personal review and easily accessible learning
  • Gives students the opportunity to take their time with learning and going at their own pace
  • Certification is valid in numerous workplaces and career fields provided by AHA, ASHI, and Red Cross

Life Rescue Training takes advantage of blended learning to empower our instructors and students.

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