Access Your AHA eCard

We are here to assist Students with Viewing your eCard Profile and Employers to Verify an eCard. Please review the instructions below.

Access AHA eCard


2020 AHA FAQs

Course Card Information - Verify If Card is Valid

To verify you have completed a genuine AHA course, ensure your card looks like the one below.

eCards are a simple, secure, and convenient way to issue course completion cards. 

  • Students and employers can check training status of any eCard holder 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Align this card with the specific Training Center who issued it. 
  • To verify an eCard, go to and enter the eCard code or scan the QR code on the student eCard. 
  • All cards have a copyright notice.
  • The expiration date will appear as a 2-digit month, 4 digit year, and 2 years from the issue date. 
  • All information on the eCard is digitally populated based on the information entered by a valid Training Center Coordinator or Instructor. 
  • The Instructor ID is an added layer of security to ensure that each card can be traced back to a specific instructor, training center, and their internal course rosters. 
  • Employers may verify that an eCard is authentic by scanning the QR code on the eCard using a mobile device. Once the QR code is scanned, it will auto populate the
    Instructors credentials for the employee to verify.

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