Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)​

 Life Rescue Training carries the PPE needed to protect you and those around you from COVID 19 and other infectious diseases.

Preparation is the best way to protect yourself, your employees and your families. We carry a large selection of personal protective equipment (PPE), from hand sanitizers, wipes, and masks, to thermometers, gowns, and all-in-one full protection kits.

Disposable Gloves

Box of gloves. 100 gloves per box. Sizes: M, L, XL


Medical infrared thermometer

KN95 Masks
$2.50/mask - 10 per box

Disposable KN95 masks
Multilayer protection

Hand Sanitizer

75% ethanol hand sanitizers 10oz (300ml)

N95 Mask
$5.00/mask - 20 per box

SH9550 particulate respirator 95% filter efficiency level

Plastic Disposable Gowns
$4.00/gown - 10 per pack